Why I've Gone Back to Paper for Scheduling My Days

Why I've Gone Back to Paper for Scheduling My Days

Shifrah Combiths
Sep 4, 2015
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

I use Google Calendar for a broad monthly view of appointments and activities and ToDoist for lists and to check off particular tasks that need to get done (especially if I need reminders). Having these apps on my phone means that this information is with me all the time, but neither offers a sufficiently time-based solution for managing the actual hours in my day. Enter my planner. Here's why having it all on paper is awesome...

  1. I can see it all the time. I prop my paper planner up on a cookbook stand on my desk. (I use the Emily Ley Academic Daily Simplified Planner, pictured above.) This way I can see it at a glance without turning on my phone, which all too often leads to distraction and time-wasting.

  2. It forces me to be mindful of my time. My particular planner has a month overview and then a daily schedule, marked out by the hour, for each day. I take a little bit of time each Sunday to plot out my week and a few minutes each evening to plan out the coming day. By getting my to-dos connected to actual times of the day, the likelihood that they will actually get done skyrockets.

  3. It's more deliberate. There's just something about writing things down that feels closer to life; it's real- does that make sense? And, for me, the act of putting something on paper in the real world, so to speak, helps me internalize the things I have to do. This in turn primes me to actually do them.

  4. It's prettier. Buying a planner that cost money, that I looked forward to using, and that makes me happy every time I look at it goes a long way in motivating me to manage my time well.
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