Why Jesse's Living Room Works: 6 Ideas to Steal for Your Small Space

Why Jesse's Living Room Works: 6 Ideas to Steal for Your Small Space

Adrienne Breaux
May 18, 2014
(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

Sure it's not hard to make a tiny living room feel cozy — any small space filled with things will have that vibe. But making a tiny room feel both cozy but still airy and refreshing? That's a bit tougher. But Jesse tackles that challenge beautifully in this room that's filled with ideas you can steal for your own home.

Here's why the room in Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad works:

1. Size appropriate furniture that's still comfortable
The main furnishings in this tight room are the perfect balance between comfortable and restrained. The rug's size is such that it doesn't make the room seem smaller than usual by going wall to wall, the sofa is ample for two people but still feels cushion-y and pleasant.

2. Tall and dramatic display and storage
The tall ladder shelf is a great choice for this room because it offers a lot of display and storage, but it's still narrow and doesn't take up a lot of visual space like a heavy bookshelf would. The leaning art on the top is a nice choice, too.

3. Thoughtful and interestingly hung art
The art is actually hung a bit higher than we normally suggest, but in here it works because it clears the height of the lamps. Hanging them all in a horizontal line expands the visual width of the space, and hanging complementary art in the same line on either wall kind of creates a visual hug, contributing to the coziness.

4. Complementary but mismatched lamps
When you've got a small space, you don't have a lot of room to get wild, but a simple way to create sophisticated interest is to use two lamps that are different but complementary. Two different heights would have been really distracting in such a small space, as well.

5. Flanking the sofa and filling those nooks
Again, in a small space, anything even a little bit "off" is magnified. Having left any of those nooks on either side of the sofa empty would have felt too empty. And again, filling them with two different but similar tables is a way to create interest.

6. Keeping the curtains off the floor
I love curtains that skim the floor; it really adds to the luxury of a space. But here, if the curtains had fallen to the floor, it would have run into the rug and made for a claustrophobic feeling room. By keeping them thin, not too fluffy and not pooling at the floor, they don't take over the room and let the room feel its most airy.

Need more ideas to steal from rooms that work?

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