Why My Sub-Lease Can Sit On It & Spin

Why My Sub-Lease Can Sit On It & Spin

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 20, 2013

 Over the years I've moved more times than I can count on two hands. Folks, at this point in time, I'm a pro. That said, my current residence only has a 6 month lease and I'm calling it the most ridiculous thing ever. Seriously — ever. 

Life happens and I can't always have the wonderful loft life or converted warehouse spaces I've had in the past. Since January, I've found myself in a tiny sublet studio apartment, and although it doesn't take long to clean, I've found myself having extreme issues with the space. 

Now, most would assume this is due to its size, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I like not having 3,000 square feet to clean and take care of. Although I miss many things about being a homeowner, having a smaller space to manage has allowed me more time to spend out in the world and enjoying the city around me. So what's my beef? 

It doesn't feel like home. Sure, it's unpacked and decorated perfectly. It has plants and pillows and warm fresh smells, heck, even a nostalgic Chicago train line runs by outside the window. It actually couldn't be any more adorable (except for the neighbor who sings opera at midnight — she can go). It's just hard to care  about and be invested in a space when you aren't sure if you're staying. It's hard to feel like you're home, in your space, even though you're in your bed and sitting on your sofa. Knowing you can't get attached and that you'll just be patching holes in the walls shortly can be a little draining on the house proud soul. 

The stress of looking for a new place is already making my head hurt. It seems in a larger city it takes a solid month, sometimes two, of looking ahead for a new place when you have specifics you're looking for. That means I start apartment hunting next month, and everything I bring in, groceries, plants, even new clothes, I know will be walking right back out that door. It's been a truly weird experience, and I've felt more detached from this space than any I've ever lived in  — and that includes places where walls and ceilings were falling down and that didn't have running water for a few weeks. This perfect little apartment, it just isn't home. 

Oddly, it feels as if putting everything in storage and living out of a suitcase might have made me more at home with things. Have you ever lived in short term living situation? How did it make you feel? Let us know in the comments below.

(Image: Flickr member Taras Kalapun licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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