Why My Christmas Lights Are Still Up

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most years, I’m ready to take down the holiday decorations once the new year begins. It just seems fitting to strip everything down and begin anew rather than let the decorations linger. But this year was a little different when it came to the twinkle lights we hang indoors:

My son’s first birthday party was this last weekend. With all of the cake and presents and balloons, the lights fit right in. When I took down all of the holiday decor right after the new year (as always), it struck me that the lights should stay until after the birthday party. They were a great fit and added just a little more to the festivities (without feeling too Christmas-y at all!). I imagine it will become my new routine to take down all of the decorations except the lights in the years to come. They’ll stay up until after my son’s birthday celebration has come and gone.

Do you keep up any of your holiday decor for an extended period, and why?