Why Not Stage A Food Fight?

Why Not Stage A Food Fight?

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 18, 2009

Please let me start by saying, I was never the dress wearing prim and proper type child. I was more of the tromping through the creek and making mud pies kind of girl. So when I came across the above image over at LMNOP this morning, it made me smile and immediately created a need for a food-fight themed party. Idea after idea on how to pull it off (with or without the mess) are waiting after the jump!

Have you ever had a food fight? I have. I spent many years at camp when I was younger with giant institution size cans of chocolate pudding having what was the equivalent of a snowball fight, but far messier. There were pie eating contests and whipped cream covering contests and although it all took place outside in the heat of the summer, the ideas could still be scaled back, or improved upon to suit a proper food fight birthday extravaganza.

Here's some ideas to throw your own Food-Fight Throw Down Birthday Bash:

1) Games: Just because you'll be whirling and hurling food later on, doesn't mean there can't be traditional games and activities. Try playing pin the sprinkle on the cupcake or even a top your baked potato sticky dart game. Bob for apples, or check out our previous thoughts about food on a string!

2) Food For Eating: You could always have the kids create a meal themselves before tossing around snacks later on, make octopus hotdogs and dye the noodles before they're assembled to help make things a little colorful. Try smaller snacks that little hands can grab and go, assuming some food will be eaten later on, you might try to make things a little more on the nutritious end of things (assuming of course that most messy and easy to fight with foods are usually made of sugar)

3) Take Home Bags: The memories from this event will be what really sticks with the kids attending your Food Fight, so don't worry too much about sending them away with funny parting gifts, although mailing everyone back out photos of the event could be awesome or if you really want to send them away with something, try making "I fought in the great food fight of '09" awards to hand out to everyone!

4) Decor: A few hours spent watching your favorite TV show will most likely result in wonderful construction paper cut outs and paper chains that can reflect your favorite sweets or treats, or just provide pops of color by making all sorts of circles or other geometric shapes!

5) The Food Fight Itself: We're going to go out on a limb and suggest that on your party invitation you ask children to wear clothes they don't mind getting messy and then maybe hit up your local thrift store to find a few extra tshirts kids can wear as protection from the flying feast. You could also use trash bags, which might make for easier clean up all around. Trash bags will also come in handy if it happens to be cold or snowy outside and kids still need to wear their coats or jackets. If you don't want to have an all out war, try thinking of games and making it more like a food based Double-Dare.

Try thinking outside your traditional thrown foods (like pies and such) and try focusing on lighter foods that might be easy on the pocketbook as well as your yard. Start with less messy foods and end with the nastiest, that way it will save your environment from too much gunk and grime. Here's a few ideas to ponder:

  • Popcorn Snowball Fight: Team your party up with two sides and draw a line between both teams. Distribute popcorn in buckets and time them to see who can throw the most on the other side of the line before the time is up. Try dying your popcorn (check the baking aisle for food sprays) if you have snow, so it can be seen.
  • Basic Bulk Ingredients: Check your bulk big box retailers for the cheapest and largest amounts of food. Usually such things will be baking basics or bad for you things like the aforementioned cans of pudding or nacho cheese. A flour fight like the picture above suggests could be super fun!
  • Cabbage Carry: Cabbage is cheap and has some structure to it, have kids carry the leaves from point A to point B, on their heads and filled with something icky, sticky or wet. Think watered down jello or oatmeal.
  • Ask Your Grocer For A Deal: Often times your local grocer will be willing to work with you on some of the perishables that are on their way out the door. Fill a baby pool with mushy bananas and have the kids dig for treasure (And then let them hurl it around later on), all the while reaping the benefits of already squishy bananas that you picked up for half the price!
  • Balloon Pop: Fill balloons with random food that can be popped and dropped on their excited little heads. Try filling them with raw oats if you've done a wet activity prior for maximum sticking (which they will think is ultra cool) or something wet, if you're trying to clean them off a bit from say a flour fight.
  • Egg Toss: Just like back in school, line em up and let the tossing start, backing kids up after each catch. Or, give each kid a dozen and see who ends up with the most yolk on their face, you or them!
  • Do you have an idea for a food fight? Even if you'd never be able to stomach the idea of it happening in your own backyard, chime in with your best food fight game or suggestion for those who have that evil childish twinkle in their eye and might be daring enough to pull it off! You will of course be obligated to send us photos!

    (Image: Graham Monro for LMNOP)

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