Why Pinterest Won't Be Replacing My Inspiration Wall

Why Pinterest Won't Be Replacing My Inspiration Wall

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 22, 2012

Pinterest seems to have taken the Internet by storm with their highly addictive, digital pinning of anything and everything. While many of us are certainly addicted to its lovely interface, I view the shift as a complement instead of a replacement to traditional pinning on inspiration walls.

The inspiration board: Yesterday vs. Today.

My biggest issues with Pinterest (and why it won't be replacing my walls tacked full of new and old magazine clippings):

1. Too many repeated images. In an Internet age where new and cool rules everything, it doesn't help seeing the same photos posted over and over and comments such as "Awesome!!!" and "I want this!!!" don't add much to the experience for me. There are times when being less social might be a good thing.

2. No touch means out of touch. Pinning hundreds of home decor photos on my 'Dream Home' board might be nice and all, but good luck adding a sample swatch of a favorite fabric or leather to it. I think that to get the feeling 'right' at home sticking with a traditional mood board is a must for the tactile aspect.

3. You can't always buy what you see. While blogging and Tumblr-ing may have proliferated over the past few years, Pinterest is like unfiltered social blogging on overdrive. It can be difficult to find where exactly the image came from, let alone specific items within an image and/or pricing.

4. It's a 'blackhole timesuck'. Whereas with physical boards you have to control the amount of things you collect before things get unwieldy, the unlimited nature of a digital repository will likely cause the obsessive image hoarding.

Will Pinterest be replacing your inspiration wall? Why or why not?

(Images: Phillip's Hipstamatic Office and AnnabelVita)

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