Ready to Get Scared Straight? This is Your Brain On Phones

Ready to Get Scared Straight? This is Your Brain On Phones

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 27, 2015
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Everyone knows you're supposed to limit your screen time before bed, but do you really know why? It's more serious than you probably realize. Ready to be scared straight? Read on.

According to The Atlantic's Dr Dan Siegel, using your phone or other device right before you go to bed is detrimental in several ways. First, you're exposing your eyes to a stream of photons that signals you to stay awake — a brain stimulated by light won't secrete melatonin which you need to fall asleep.

And with lack of sleep comes a litany of other problems. The vast majority of us need seven to nine hours. Get less and not only will your neurons not get the rest they need but your glial cells — which clean up the toxins that neurons produce — don't get a chance to do their thing, leaving toxins behind. This can lead to impaired memory, attention deficit, insulin imbalance and lead to weight gain. No thanks!

So what do you do? Prioritize sleep! Shut off your screens at least an hour before you go to bed and make the decision to have a good night.

Watch Dr Dan for yourself right here.

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