Why the Super Bowl Might Be a Great Excuse To Upgrade To a 60" HDTV

Why the Super Bowl Might Be a Great Excuse To Upgrade To a 60" HDTV

Gregory Han
Jan 22, 2013

I was just over at our friends' house this weekend to help them with the layout and decor of their new home. Alongside flooring options and wall storage, one topic they were excited discussing was upgrading from their ancient 32" CRT television to a new flat panel HDTV. My friends have already decided they're going plasma, but they weren't yet sure which size to purchase. Reviewing the size of their living room and also remembering the showcase of HDTVs at CES this year, I pushed them to go big(ger)...

At this year's CES I found myself carefully noting the incrememental, but noticeable, jumps between 50", 55", and 60" displays. While 50" seems huge to some, it's often the case what seems gigantic today will quickly become normal tomorrow. Of course, the most important determinant for display size is viewing distance. But considering my friend's living room was practically half the size of my whole apartment, I knew they could make the jump from their initial 50" hopes up to the larger 60" spectrum (especially since they both enjoy watching baseball and basketball, alongside movies at home).

And now I can throw a few additional facts about features vs. price, shared by our friends over at dealnews:

60" LCD HDTV Prices Plummet in Latter Half of 2012: "...once prohibitively-expensive sets came crashing down in the latter half of 2012...during Black Friday 2012 we saw brand-name 60" 1080p LCD HDTVs dip as low as $688. And while we noticed a small uptick in price in December, if you opt for third-tier models (our chart to the right is for brand-name sets only), we've seen deals fall to as low as $700 since.

3D is No Longer a Premium for 55" Sets: "The price difference between a 3D 55" HDTV and a non-3D version (both brand-name) is slowly narrowing and will continue to do so in the coming months. However, opting for a standard definition third-tier 55" HDTV can save you as much as $150, making them a viable alternative if you want a television of this size and are on a stricter budget."

HDTV Prices for 2013 & What Size Category You Should Buy Today: "...we're predicting we'll see deeper discounts on 55" and 60" LCD HDTVs in the coming months, especially when 2013's models begin to enter the market. So forget 46" and bypass 50", the moment is right for a big-screen HDTV."

Check out additional figures and buying recommendations over at Super Bowl HDTV Buying Guide: 55" and 60" Sets See the Best Deals

(Images: Gregory Han; graph with permission from dealnews)

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