Why We Kind Of Love This Laundry Room Computer

Why We Kind Of Love This Laundry Room Computer

Taryn Williford
Aug 25, 2010

Late last night, in an attempt to put off doing our laundry, we decided our time was best spent ogling over decor porn. Laundry rooms, specifically. We're suckers for a spacious mud room with folding tables and industrial sinks, you know. The last thing we expected was to find a shot from Canadian House & Home that features a computer monitor propped up right next to the apothecary jar of detergent. But the more we thought about it, the more we're digging on the idea of keeping a computer in the laundry room.

OK, so the screen in the pic could be either a computer or a small TV. But whatever it is, it's definitely got our minds working. Here's some of the reasons we think a laundry room computer is useful, efficient and fun. If you've got the space, go for it!

  • Watch TV while you're folding. Sure, you could carry your clothes pile to the living room and fold your shirts sitting on the couch. But it would be great to be able to catch up on Hulu right from your laundry room.

  • Research how to remove certain stains. Where is there a better place to have Google at your fingertips? Type "tea stain" into the search box and find out easily if your shirt needs a bleach bath or a shot of lemon juice.

  • Easily decode care symbols on clothes tags. Decipher those suggested care hieroglyphics on your tags by bookmarking a site like Laundry Guide to Common Care Symbols.

  • Set a timer. If you're applying a stain treatment or something else that needs to be timed in the laundry room, you'd be able to use a simple desktop application or web-based timer (like e.ggtimer.com).

(Image: Canadian House & Home)


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