Want More Joy in Life? Focus on Home (It Works!)

Want More Joy in Life? Focus on Home (It Works!)

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 27, 2015

No one can be happy every single day. But if you've been finding yourself feeling like you're more in a puddle of discontent than a lake of joy, you might want to look around your home first. Home informs your spirit and affects your mood more than any other place. Examining these eight areas of your home life a little more closely (and seeing if there's room for improvement) may let you dive more deeply into joy.

1. Consider your connections

Do you slink past your roommate like a zombie every day? Or do you stop and really ask (and listen) about how their day went? Does your dog beg for walks each day while you only halfheartedly toss the ball a couple of times? Considering how you spend time with those you share your home with, whether they're your partner or a roommate, shows them that they're more than just someone who helps pay the rent. Making these connections stronger will bring more joy into your life because connecting with people is a natural way to cultivate satisfaction.

2. Prioritize your passions

We talk a lot about making room in your home for your hobbies. With today's busy schedules, it's just not as easy to jump into working on that novel or crafting unless you physically make room for it in your home and make it easy to get to.

3. Let your home help you stay healthy

Do you fill your pantry and refrigerator with unhealthy foods? Hide the veggies and fruits? Make getting to your free weights a complicated and time-consuming task? You might be keeping joy out of your life by making it harder to stay healthy. Your home can help if you set it up to help.

4. Slow your spending

We all get swayed by enticing trends from time to time. But if you find yourself splurging a little too often on things around the house that don't align with your values or priorities (and tend to be things you forget about soon after bringing them home), you might want to reevaluate not just your budget, but how you approach spending.

5. Feel free to fake

Think your life would be made more magical by a clawfoot tub? You and me both. But we don't always get to have every single item on our dream home list checked off in every home we live in. That's not to say we can't do a little faking to make our current homes closer to our dreams, though. Cultivating joy in your personal space could be helped by adding more dream elements (or mimicking the look, anyway) into your space.

6. Put fixes first

How's that DIY project to fix that ______ you hate in your home going? Or are you stuck in "I'll get to it eventually" land? Sure, money and other more practical reasons could be keeping you from making the changes that will allow you to enjoy the look and function of your home more, but if it's you keeping you from making those DIY changes, you might find joy moves in as soon as you move out of the way.

7. Keep it clean

Unless you're one of the lucky few who aren't phased by a dirty home at all, chances are you could be stealing joy away from yourself every day that your home stays messier and more cluttered than it has to be. The solution? Find the cleaning style/routine that works for you. Or at the very least try out tricks that make your home seem cleaner than it actually is.

8. Enjoy it

When was the last time you enjoyed a cup of coffee out on your porch? Played board games in the living room like you dreamed of when you first moved in? Chances are, you've got visions and dreams of things you want to do in your home to enjoy it — are you doing those things? Don't underestimate how much making time for those mindful moments could have on creating joy in your life.

What areas at home have you improved and found more joy in your life through? Share your tips and ideas!

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