Why You Should Always Read the Manual

Why You Should Always Read the Manual

Taryn Williford
May 29, 2012

Did you pick up any new gear during the Memorial Day Weekend sales? If so, then this advice may be worth reading. Technology, as a whole, is making a push toward user-friendly devices. But even though you can set up your gear out of the box without any help from the user manual, you should still flip through to get a heads up on some of this useful user info.

By all means, when you finally get that new iPad home, open 'er up and jump right into a game of Angry Birds. But when the new-gadget novelty wears off, take a second to peruse the user manual. You might just pick up some great tips that will make your new device work better, last longer and do more for you.

Efficient Battery Use
The advice on how to care for rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries is never consistent. The best advice is always the one you get from the manufacturer. Read the manual and find out if your device lasts longer if you let it discharge completely, or if it performs better when kept at 70%.

Information on Advanced Settings and Calibration
Sure, you can figure out how to turn up the brightness on your new TV, but you still might not be getting the best picture possible. Read through the manual and get hip on your new device's deep advanced menu settings to get the most out of your new gear.

Unexpected Features
Have you read "5 Thing You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do"? Here's where we got the inside scoop on that feature: the iPhone online user guide. Many manufacturers have eschewed including page-heavy user manuals with their gear in favor of sleeker packaging (Apple is the worst offender). But full user guides can be found online with a quick search. They'll let you in on the tips, tricks and Easter Eggs (another thing Apple is famous for) that your gear's developers and engineers have built in to your phone, music player, tablet or laptop.

(Images: Shutterstock, support.apple.com)

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