3 Reasons You Should Be Displaying Your Polaroids

3 Reasons You Should Be Displaying Your Polaroids

Regina Yunghans
Sep 12, 2011

Polaroids may have gone the way of the 8-track, but the ones you have from the past may be treasures. Get them out of that shoe box and up onto the wall! Here are a few good reasons to put your polaroids on display:

They're square. Well, almost. And that shape makes them prime candidates for displaying in a grid: Looks sharp!
They're cool. Polaroids have become cooler simply by the virtue that we're not all shooting them these days. Don't let something that looks so vintage-cool sit stowed away in a box.
They're artifacts. Most polaroids are old. Sure, the film was reissued, but the great majority of polaroids on the planet are old. Displaying memorabilia from the past makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and is a great reminder of your own personal history.

Do you have a boxful of polaroids? Would you ever dust it off, open it up, and display its contents in your home?

Image: Flickr member shimelle, licensed for use under Creative Commons

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