Why You Should Be Taking An iPad To The Salon

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This afternoon I made my regularly scheduled trip to the hair salon. Normally there’s a small wait and so my cell phone is usually all that’s needed to keep me company as it’s a good time to catch up on Twitter. Today however I happened to bring my iPad to demonstrate a hairstyle and it’s affirmative that I’ll never leave for the salon without it again!

Although iPads are used for many things these days and we’ve put our own to great use, today I was really impressed with my hairdresser. You know the drill, you go in, sit down, flip through 10 magazines and point to 3 hair styles all in little 2 inch photos.

This time, I came loaded with fun and funky hair styles I had seen around online (not on celebrities) and really wanted her to be able to see. I was able to blow up the photos as needed, zoom in so she could see up close traits of each cut and flip through them like a slideshow. Plus, she was able to do it with one hand while still holding scissors instead of finding the dog eared corner of a magazine.

While in the salon I ended up waiting for the woman before me to have her hair color corrected from a bad encounter with a box dye and as a result, I had many a game, book to read and even the ability to check the web at a fast pace and on a screen bigger than my Blackberry.

It was a good thing, plus had I of not brought the photos in the manner I had, I would have ended up with hair that wasn’t exactly what I wanted (and no one wants to pay for that). Pictures are worth 1,000 words and in this case, they were worth the extra tip I left too!

Have you taken your iPad anywhere unusual yet? Let us know below!

Image: Flickr member Corey Ann licensed for use by Creative Commons