Why You Should Entertain Even When Your Apartment Isn't 'Done'

Why You Should Entertain Even When Your Apartment Isn't 'Done'

Nancy Mitchell
Jun 13, 2015

You have just moved to a new place. "When are you having a housewarming party?" well-intentioned friends and associates ask. "Never!" you cry inwardly, because never is exactly when your new space will be ready for inspection by all your nearest and dearest. Trust me, I have been there. And I have a few reasons why never cannot happen soon enough, and why right now is exactly the right time to entertain your friends in your less-than-perfect new space.

1. Because your friends don't *really* care what your apartment looks like.
When was the last time you thought: wow, the people and the conversations at this party are really great, but the decor leaves just a little to be desired? I bet never. If the way your home looks is really important to you, you may imagine that other people feel the same way, but the truth is, when it comes to entertainments, that the quality of the company and the welcomingness of the host make almost all the difference.

2. Because making plans to entertain might be just the motivation you need to finally get things done.
But it's still true that how your place looks is important to you — which could mean that everyone you know finally seeing your home might be just the kick in the pants you need to finally paint/hang things up/complete that DIY project you've been thinking about for months.

3. Because no space is ever really 'done'.
I've been surprised to find, in my wanderings through the annals of art history, that many artists we now think of as geniuses continued to tinker with their works for years after their initial completion. The takeaway? Creative folks (that includes yourself!) often have a hard time thinking of their work as fully done. Your home may continue to evolve, and that's ok, but just because you see room for improvement doesn't mean there aren't things you can be proud of.

4. Because embracing the sublime impermanence of life will make you a better and fuller person.
Our lives, whether we like it or not, are in a constant state of flow, and there is a sort of beauty in this kind of impermanence. Too touchy-feely? Let me offer an example from my own life. Years ago I bought a little townhouse, in Houston, and a few days after I closed a handful of friends from a book club I was in came over, just to check the place out. We all sat on the floor, and drank water because it was the only thing to drink, and it was a weird and wonderful time. It almost made me wish I had seized the opportunity to have a real party then, in that quick moment when my house was sans furniture. I'm sure it would've led to a lot of memories that couldn't have been made at any other time. Wherever your home is its journey from completely impersonal to completely perfect, don't be afraid to embrace that moment.

5. Because making new memories in your new place will make you love it more.
This might be the most important one. Ultimately what makes a house a home is not the stuff you cram into it, but the memories you make there. Filling your home friends and laughter might be just the thing your new home needs to feel just right.

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