Why You Should Sew A Button On A Dishcloth

Why You Should Sew A Button On A Dishcloth

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 1, 2011

I've been washing dishes by hand for longer than I care to count. I don't mind the chore, but I'm always looking for ways to make it easier. Well, did you know that a simple button can help you get your dishes cleaner? True story!

My project for this weekend involves my button jar. We all have one (or want to) and it's satisfying to dump it out every once in a while and find a new one to put to use. This time around it's going on a few dishcloths. Why?

Last week a friend and I were chatting while I was doing the lunch dishes and she mentioned a trick her mother taught her some time ago. It was one of those things that she thought everyone knew and was excited to share her knowledge with me.

Her mother sewed buttons to the corners of her dishcloths (the ones for drying) to help remove stuck on food. Yes, you should be washing your dishes thoroughly, but sometimes there's that one little bit that you thought you removed, but didn't. So when you're drying your dishes and don't really want to submerge things again, just use the button!

She's used the trick in her household for several years and her mother before her. It's a simple way to not only bust out the button jar, but to make handwashing even easier! Give it a try!

(Image: Flickr member Laineys Repertoire licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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