Why You Should Stop Trying to Complete Your Decor

Why You Should Stop Trying to Complete Your Decor

Jennifer Hunter
Jun 18, 2014
(Image credit: Justice Darragh)

I'm about to tell you something you secretly already know: your home's decor will never be "done." And you know what? That's okay. Just as you're always growing, your space should also be constantly evolving. And here's the real secret: the best thing you can do to make (and keep) your home perfect for you is to stop trying to make it perfect.

Stay with me now... living for the mythical moment when you've completed your decor robs you of enjoying your home right now. It subtly implies that your day-to-day experiences at home are not as good as they could be, or as good as they should be. The idea that "someday" you'll have the money and the time to do it right only sets you up for disappointment when your expectations are inevitably never met.

I'm not suggesting that you stop trying to make your space the best it can possibly be, only that you should try to let go of the fervent anticipation of the moment when you will set that last lamp in place and achieve perfection forever.

Chances are, you're attached to the idea of being "done" because it seems like a failsafe way to get a comfortable and happy home. But remember, giving yourself the space to sit back and reevaluate once in a while will only continue to ensure that you're moving in the direction that works best for you now.

Don't let go of what you want: for your home to rejuvenate, nourish and protect you. Do try to let go of the idea that there is one path to arrive at that goal. You miss a lot when you speed down the freeway; take the scenic route. Freeing up all that energy you spend running after an unachievable goal will perhaps even allow you to see a better (and infinitely more interesting) path.

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