This Ball Lets Your Dog Play Fetch With Themselves

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They say that a tired dog is a good dog. We know how important it is to make sure our pups get plenty of exercise. But some days, there just isn’t enough time to give them a proper play session. Now, thanks to this brilliant dog toy, you can keep them active even when you’re busy or not at home. Introducing the Wicked Ball, the 100% automatic smart ball that lets your dog play fetch with themselves.

When your pooch is in the mood to play, all they need to do is touch the Wicked Ball and it’ll spring to life, vibrating and lighting up. It’ll bounce all over the house and have your dog chasing it for hours, no human required. You can set the toy to one of three modes depending on their activity level: gentle, normal, or active. But don’t worry, the ball won’t wear your pup out completely; it has an intelligent companion mode that knows when they need a break.

The Wicked Ball comes in blue, yellow, and green, so you can pick your pup’s favorite color.

The Wicked Ball is one of the smartest dog toys on the market. Thanks to a built-in collision sensor, it won’t get stuck under the couch or behind an end table; it can get itself out of nearly any situation and can even hop over small obstacles like cords and chargers. It’s also waterproof, which takes playing fetch in the pool to the next level.

Dogs aren’t the only ones who like the Wicked Ball; cats like them, too. (They may not admit it, but they do.) If you have a feline furry friend, consider getting them the model that’s made out of wool.

The next time you leave the house or are too busy to play, just start up the Wicked Ball and your pets will have a wicked good time keeping themselves entertained.