Wild Inspiration From The Arte Luise Kunst Hotel

The Arte Luise Kunst Hotel is not your average collection of characterless white rooms. Situated in bustling Berlin-Mitte, the hotel is a gallery of sorts in which each room acts as installation by a different artist. Ranging from peaceful to surreal to totally bizarre, the rooms are sure to inspire some unique dreams.

First Row
• Artist Markus Linnenbrink created a sea of vibrant colors, which the hotel describes as “giving rise to an inexplicable, comfortable airiness.”
• Every good hotel room should have an animal emerging from the wall. This one, the aptly named Beneath the Red Horse room, was created by artist Roman Schmelter.
• And sculptor Hans van Meeuwen must have agreed when he created his Nest room, complete with a 2 meter long beak over the bed and a plethora of oversized eggs scattered around the room.
• Artist Andreas Paeslack’s room, The Poor Poet, depicts Carl Spitzweg’s painting of the same title.
• Volker März’s Tribute to Edward Hopper room mimics crisp lines and realism of Hopper’s paintings.

Second Row
• The hotel describes Shukhrat Babadjan’s vibrant room as an “Uzbek folkloric room as imagined by the artist. Featuring found objects from Western consumer society brought to a dignified polish using traditional colours. They are incredibly beautiful and only obvious as satire upon closer inspection. “
• For Vincent’s Bedroom, artist Irene Hoppenberg created an exposition from the collection of rooms depicted in Van Gogh’s own paintings.
• With black outlines running along the edges of all straight lines in the room, Kehl’s Comin room makes you feel as if you’re actually in an illustration.
• Complete with a floating bed and fold down seat belted seats, nearly every elelement of Silke Vollmers’s Flight- the myth room is created for airplane remnants.
• The peaceful Studio room, created by Augustus Goertz, and meant to be a reflection of the artist’s Tribeca studio, is an ongoing creation that will continue to be added to during the artist’s frequent trips to Berlin.

To check out more of the hotel’s unique characteristics, visit the Arte Luise Kunst Hotel website.