Wildflower Organics

01_08_09_wildflower1.jpgBefore the holidays, a colleague asked for a recommendation on where to purchase organic pajamas. Another colleague piped up with “Wildflower Organics!”–a store here in Austin–and it piqued our interest. Sure, Austin’s a pretty “green” city as it is, but an entire store devoted to organic decor? We must be out of the loop!

We love that organic and sustainable mattresses, linens, toys, and home decor are available in a one-stop shop. Jump below to see more of their products and get the link to their site. 01_08_09_wildflowertease.jpg

Here are just a few of our favorites from the site.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love the style of the store’s items–organic not only in their materials, but also in the way they bring a natural look into the home. As soon as this stuff fits in our budget, we’ll make the jump. If anything, it’s a great local source for natural bedding to help move the bedroom in the right direction.