How Would Will & Grace’s Apartment Look If Other Characters Moved In?

updated May 3, 2019
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Of all the TV reboots going on these days, Will & Grace is the one we’re most thankful for, right? Last season’s reboot brought us to season 9, where we discovered that after Grace’s divorce from Leo (say it isn’t so!), she moved back into her best bud Will’s Manhattan two-bedroom.

Although the iconic apartment got all spruced up for 2017, it was still full of aesthetics that screamed Will Truman. Since Grace is an interior designer, e-design company Modsy thought that in honor of the season 10 premiere on October 4, it might be nice to imagine what Grace would do with that apartment should she have the chance to change it up for a client. Of course, her clients are Jack, Karen, and herself. Here’s what Modsy came up with when they put their Grace Adler Design thinking caps on:

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No, there’s no neon sign that says “Just Jack” (which I’m going to go hunt for immediately), but there are a lot of big, bold elements. And also Kevin Bacon. There must always be Kevin Bacon. As Modsy’s Director of Style Alessandra Wood notes, Jack already has some enviable pieces in his own apartment that you can’t get rid of, even if moving into a new place―that’s why Modsy kept his Swan chair (this one is in aqua) and Nelson pendant lights. As for the changes: They gave the apartment a much more Jack-approved color―it’s “Steamed Spinach” from Benjamin Moore―and they amped up the glam with a mix of velvet and faux fur textiles. Honestly, the place got as glam as it needs to be with that Cher doll on the coffee table. If I could turn back time…

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As if THE Karen Walker would ever live in a tiny apartment like Will’s―although perhaps she’d buy it and hire Grace to change it just for kicks. That sounds very Karen. Karen’s all about luxury and drama (and martinis), so her apartment makeover is, too. Modsy painted the walls a purple-grey color―Sherwin Williams’ “Grapey”―and added lots of gold accents and a fabulous statement chandelier. For Karen’s furniture, Modsy selected “pieces that give an editorial, high society feel to the space,” like the bold Marissa coffee table from Horchow. They did not include copious bottles of prescription pills.

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Oh, wow, Will would hate this apartment; But for Grace, it feels pretty spot on. According to Modsy, she wouldn’t have just one statement piece in her place―she’d have all the statement pieces. From the bold, printed wallpaper, to the graphic coffee table and sofa, this version of the apartment is all about taking risk and paying attention to the details―something Modsy thinks Grace, as an interior designer, would be all about. Both chandeliers are standout pieces and yes, the art may be completely extra, but so is Grace and that’s why we love her.

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