Will Urbina’s The Desk

Will Urbina’s desk plus computer mod is anything but subtle, with a hotrod/Mythbusters sorta vibe to it all, but it is an eye-catching creation any which way you look at it. Made with LED lighting, Plexiglas windows, customized monitor stands and arms and a gnarly-powerful PC system within, The Desk was Will’s wish come true.

The Desk was my first computer case build. On one hand I wanted to have a really cool computer like some that I had seen with lights, Plexiglas windows, and that sort of thing. On the other hand I realized that my current computer sat on the floor by my table, usually acting as an ottoman, and was covered with scrapes and scuffs. I could set the case on my desk, but then with my keyboard and monitors there would be no room for anything else.

My idea was to build a desk from scratch that would also act as the computer case. The CPU would sit under a thick piece of Plexiglas. I would substitute the monitor stands with custom arms that extended from the very back of the desk, freeing up even more space. It would even have a large drawer like any other desk. This is my solution to a problem.

The Desk sports the following configuration:

* Intel Q6600 G0 @ 3.5
* Abit IP35 Pro
* 4x 2gb Corsair DDR2
* HIS HD2900 XT 512mb
* SB X-Fi Elite Pro
* 2x Ultra 550w psu
* 2x 500gb Western Digital in Raid0
* 320gb Seagate PATA
* 250gb WD SATA

The Desk look like the set of Star Trek:TNG combined with a pinball machine, but we love the space saving functionality and thought that went into the design. The desk as computer case frees up valuable desktop area, while also providing a whole lot of eye candy in the process. More detail and images over at Will Urbina’s blog.