Will You Unplug For National Day Of Unplugging?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We often joke with our friends that we work at the internet. We’re constantly glued to our laptop, iPhone, iPad, whatever and we rarely take a break. Whether we’re watching tv, sitting in the park, enjoying a cup of coffee or even having drinks with friends — you’ll always find us with our nose glued to a screen checking emails, tweeting or checking in on Four Square. Well, there’s a day coming up when we’re all being asked to actually unplug and live life. Think you can handle that?

The video for National Day Of Unplugging 2010. It’s interesting to see that it’s a very common problem to not know when to separate yourself from your tech and that it’s important to do so for at least 24 hours a week

Starting at sundown Friday March 4, 2011 until sundown of Saturday March 5, 2011 — it’s National Day of Unplugging according to Sabbath Manifesto. We’ve all heard of this group when the internet was made aware of their My Phone Is Off For You Phonekerchief and they’ve recently released a Cell Phone Sleeping Bag so your phone is tucked away nice and cozy for those 24 hours.

The point of National Day of Unplugging? It’s actually quite simple: reconnect with friends, family and (gasp!) even strangers. Unplug from your computer, cell phone, video games or whatever other gadgets keep you inside with your eyes glued to a screen and help others in need or go have coffee with a friend. We’re all guilty of becoming consumed with tech and gadgets and we think this could be a great thing. As much as we’re addicted to our tech, we plan on Unplugging. Do you?