Window Sills In Need Of Some TLC

Window Sills In Need Of Some TLC

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 18, 2008

In today's installment of Adventures in Loft Living our focus turns to our window sills that have seen better days. You take the good with the bad in a space like this, but it doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. Click through the jump to give your thoughts on this crumbling situation.

We have large amount of windows down the south side of our loft space (the amazing views of the sunrise and sunset are both something to be jealous of!). Only a few of them have 100% complete brick work. The others could use a little attention.
We have been racking our brains trying to come up with a solution to their decay. If we wanted to preserve the architectural integrity we would slave over each sill and inlay the brick back in. That process seems a bit laborious so we've been looking at other alternatives.
Here's what we came up with, tell us which one you like, or an idea of your own below!

The first and easiest solution that came to mind was to simply remove the large chunks and fill in with various sizes of plants. Not the most glamorous, but depending on the type of plant, it might cover a little bit of the ugly and just leave us with the "cool funky part."

The next idea was to make a bean-bag-ish type mass filled with.... um, something that might hold it's shape relatively well. It would mold to each sill and could provide color or pattern, but we can't help but think they would look like... well... bean bags in windows.

The last idea on our minds is one that involves a bit of structure. By using 2 pieces of wood (1 to front face the sill and another for a top) and a pair of custom made stilts (different heights for different sills to level each one out) we could achieve a level look. Even though the sills might be rough, the windows themselves are indeed level. We think this could be a great way to personalize the space... even if it will be far more work than the other two!

(Photos by Sarahrae, who because she still doesn't have internet up and running is operating from the local coffee shop and isn't the best at photoshopping her ideas on a laptop!)

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