Spring Cleaning

It’s Time for the Quintessential Spring Cleaning Task—Here’s How to Finish it Fast

published Apr 6, 2020
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The weather is a big part of why spring cleaning has become such an enduring cultural tradition. This season of the year—at least normally—is the time we all finally get to brush off the doldrums of winter and enjoy more time outside together. The first warm spring morning has more revitalizing energy than a thousand New Year’s Days, if you ask me. It’s a natural time of year to want to refresh your home.

This year, of course, feels different. But I still believe in the power of spring. Let’s take today to clean the windows. It’ll give your wistful staring-through-the-glass daydreaming routine a little more clarity. And who knows, maybe we can throw open those spotless windows, put on some crowded park white noise, and pretend we’re all out there together right now.

Hang in there!

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Day 6 Assignment: Clean the Windows

Gather up some supplies, and clean the windows. It’s that simple.

I use my favorite glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth on my window glass, then follow it up with a squeegee to get things instantly dry and streak-free (my squeegee is actually a small ice scraper because most of my windows are french-door-style panes, but a bigger squeegee will get the job done faster). If you don’t have glass cleaner around, it’s really easy to make your own: just combine equal parts white vinegar and water, then add a few drops of dish soap. If you have window screens, you might want to grab a lint roller, too—it makes easy work of cleaning them. Or make a heavy duty “lint roller” with duct tape and a paint roller. For a finishing touch, bring another rag and all-purpose cleaner so you can wipe the window molding, sills, and latches (a magic eraser works great, too—just spot test first).

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Now that you’ve got your supplies, work around your house cleaning every window, one after another. If you can count your windows on one hand, this will be quick and simple. If you’ve got a bigger place, section out your work. Start at your front door, and follow the wall to the right, cleaning each window as you reach it, until you’re back at the front door. Do the same thing on your second level starting at the stairs.

When you’re done, put your supplies away, grab a treat for yourself (like a drink or a book) and do a little wistful window-gazing. You’ve earned it!

Here are a few more things that might help: