Smart Energy Glass Collects Energy While Keeping things Bright

Smart Energy Glass Collects Energy While Keeping things Bright

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 11, 2010

Windows are any home's best friend. Natural light not only makes interiors look better, but it's easy on the eyes as well. Problem is, windows aren't the best at regulating a home's temperature. What if your windows could multitask by letting light in and storing solar energy?

Peer+ has designed a concept window they hope to install in buildings soon. The Smart Energy Glass collects solar energy radiated onto it and stores it for your own use. Three modes allow you to control how much light is let in and how much is stored for future energy use. The bright mode lets everything in, while collecting the least amount of energy. Dark mode blocks out sunlight for movie nights during the day, and generates moderate energy. Privacy mode lets some light in, but doesn't allow others to spy in. This mode generates the most amount of energy.

There are other smart glass technologies currently out on the market, which use small amounts of voltage that pass through glazes on the glass to customize how much light and heat come in, but adding a component that also harvests solar energy is a totally new concept.

It's unclear from their website, just how this works, so for now we'll say it's magic. Peer+ is currently setting up pilots in the Netherlands, and are seeking further projects to test this tech on. If you're planning on renovating or building your home, maybe they're worth further investigation. How amazing would it be to collect energy during the day when you're at work only to use it when you get home?

via Springwise

(Images: jonrawlinson via Flickr Creative Commons license; Peer+)

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