Inspiration: That Big Fun Bouncy House

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re a total sucker for a clever advertisement and we can’t decide which part of us this ad appeals more to. Is it the part that enjoys thinking they actually made this bouncy house just for the ad, or the part that’s suddenly transformed into a 6yr old again and wants to go play…

There are so many practical application type thoughts running through our head, we’re having trouble focusing on the point of the advertisement. But that doesn’t really matter, you’re either a Mac or a PC person and you’ll find that type of debate over at Unplggd.

Instead, our inner child is thinking about what it would be like to actually live in a space like this? Would it even be possible? Where does this giant inflatable house live now? Is it in someone’s backyard, rentable for parties or can I take a road trip and go play on it!?

Please tell us we’re not the only one that thinks about things like this! You can see one more ad that rolled out for Windows over at Coolhunter. Oh, if only such things we’re real!

(Images: Coolhunter)