Wine RFID Rack

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Most people we know don’t have the space for a dedicated wine rack but if you do and like to use technology to help you organize things then the
WineM wine rack may interest you. The coloured lights are there not only to help you see the cubes where you can place the wine, but also to provide a bit of ambient lighting similar to the
Philips Living Color lights. The most interesting piece of tech in this wine rack though is the RFID reader.

Utilizing the RFID information attached to a bottle of wine, information on each bottle in your collection can be stored and accessed from your computer. Although it is not described on the designers site, one way we would imagine it working is that you can select a specific bottle of wine on your PC and that cell in the rack would be lit differently from the others for easy identification. No more wasting time searching while your guests are waiting to have dinner.