Winter Detox: 12 Easy DIY Air Fresheners

Winter Detox: 12 Easy DIY Air Fresheners

Julia Cho
Apr 21, 2010

Probably the best thing about spring is just being able to open up the windows and let fresh air in, but if you're looking to freshen things up even more, or if the air outside is more polluted then fresh, check out these simple, natural air fresheners.

A couple of our favorite ideas from their list:

Bathroom Air Freshener: Dip a q-tip in your favorite perfume or essential oil then tape it inside a roll of toilet paper. Each time the roll is used the fragrance will be released. Definitely gonna try this one!
Fragrant Kitchen: Grow herbs indoors not only for their culinary uses, but to also add lovely scents to the kitchen. Simply brush leaves with your hands to release the plants natural aroma. See How To Make A One-Pot Indoor Herb Garden for tips. We love the smell of fresh herbs and now's a great time to make a little herb garden.
Stale Room Odor Buster: Simply fill small bowls half way with household vinegar and place them in areas that are out of the way and won't be spilled. The vinegar will clear the room of stale odors and freshen the room. You could also use bowls of baking soda with dried herbs or flowers mixed in for extra fragrance. We've had to do this in funny-smelling, old apartment rentals before, and while at first you'll smell the vinegar, it does work!
Salt Packed Citrus Shells: The salt absorbs stale and nasty odors while the shell releases a fresh, orange smell. Haven't heard of this one before but sounds interesting.
Homemade Gel Air Fresheners: Using plain gelatin, water, salt, essential oil and food coloring, you can make your own gel air fresheners with scents exactly how you want them.

Check out the rest of the ideas and links on tutorials for each of them at TipNut. While some of them sound a little wintery to us, they're great ideas to stash away for later.

(Image: Best Green Home Tips)

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