Winter Garden Tasks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What does your garden look like in winter? Are you growing winter vegetables or have you abandoned the space until warmer weather? Or are you taking the time to prepare for spring? According to some super-experienced gardeners, you should be making the most of the winter.

In a Wall Street Journal article, several experienced gardeners and farmers from the Northeast share their winter gardening checklist. The colder months are not a time for slacking in the garden: 73-year-old Eve Thyrum says that she has “been out pruning her trees ‘night and day’ in her 2½-acre garden in Wilmington, Delaware.”

What else do these winter gardeners do beyond pruning trees?

  • Get a head start with some plants indoors.
  • Use “cold frames” to grow outside
  • Compost
  • Clean and sharpen tools

Find out more about these gardeners here.

What kind of gardening are you doing?

(Image: Flickr member harryalverson licensed for use under Creative Commons)