Winter Sleepwear: Balancing Cuteness, Coldness, & Turning Up the Heat

updated May 4, 2019
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I’ve been shopping for our traditional Chanumas Eve pyjamas, and keep encountering sets like the one you see above: so adorable, and yet so impractical. If it’s cold enough for flannel, isn’t it cold enough for pants? Heat rises, for crying out loud!

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I would love a set of flannel plaid shorty jammies, or a darling striped nightgown, but I would have to crank the heat waaaaaay up to be comfortable wearing them. Our budget-conscious and eco-conscious tendencies necessitate pyjamas more along the lines of a full-length flannel set with a long sleeved shirt underneath, topped off with a flannel robe. I could maybe get away with winter hotpants if I sat directly on the heater, drank all my wine mulled, and wore a stocking cap. How on earth could one be comfortable in the winter with bare legs?

I must admit, part of my outrage is pure jealousy. I hear stories about mild winters, roaring fireplaces (and free firewood), or landlords that crank the heat way up (and pay for it), and I think of all the bare-legged strutting around I could do in such circumstances. Oh, how I’d frolic! As it is, I’m frumping it up on the couch swathed in layers of flannel, feeling both cold and definitely not hot.

What sleepwear/loungewear does your home’s climate require? Do you constantly have to decide between cold and cute?