Winter White Table Settings

Winter White Table Settings

Winter white table settings are a fail-safe way to decorate for any cold-weather party. Pure white is enchanting and refined. It's also universally admired —so it's the perfect choice for family get-togethers where the guest list is diverse.

White-on-white can get boring if you don't use a variety of textures to break up the monotony. Here are a few simple ideas to keep your winter white table setting from falling flat:

• White is a neutral backdrop so you can be more adventurous in your glassware choices without overwhelming a table top. Try mixing sets of glassware together even if they are clashing styles.
• Don't be afraid of decadence. Elaborately carved crystal decanters and other formal dining ware look hip on a white table.
• Choose linens that are all white, but have textural patterns. Then mix the different linens together. For example, use white polka dotted napkins with a white striped table cloth.
• Make a floral centerpiece out of several types of flowers, using the white variety of all the flowers.
• You can make any centerpiece white by painting it. For Thanksgiving, paint pumpkins, gourds, sticks and leaves white and then arrange them on your table top for a modern twist on traditional seasonal decor.
• If you want to take your homemade white centerpieces to the next level, make them sparkle. Coat your foundation with Elmer's glue (always works great) and then sprinkle glass glitter or mica dust/lites evenly over the glue. Glass glitter and mica dust are a great alternative to traditional glitter, which can make any project look like a preschool assignment.
• Lighting is critical when using monochromatic white because you need it to inject warmth. Use candles, lanterns, chandeliers or other light fixtures to create that enchanting winter white glow.

Any other tips for winter white table settings?

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