WIRED HOME by Living Homes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Wired Magazine is teaming up with
Living Homes to produce the first WIRED home, that will showcase the best in “sustainabliity, technology, and design.” We’ve featured
Living Homes a few times before here on AT:LA, so it’s interesting to see what this combination will produce. The collaboration is already underway and they are documenting the whole process. The site will be in Brentwood, in a lot where a home currently resides. Rather than traditional demolition, they are “de-constructing” the existing property, salvaging 70 to 80% of the materials that is being donated to Habitat to Humanity.

The home, designed by Ray Kappe, is prefab to reduce building cost and waste and will apparently take only one day to install. It will also showcase new BMW Hydrogen 7 vehicles, which will be used for shuttles and test drive rides during public tours.

It’s important to note that this home is about 4100 sf, 5 bedrooms, and comes in at $300/sf, (not sure if that includes the technology gadgets, gear, appliances, etc…, as the site describes the home at $4 million). It will be interesting to see what ideas can translate/trickle down to future developments. The home is slated for installation next month, and will be open to tour this fall.You can view video of the progress and more info at the Wired Living Home website.