Wired’s Steven Levy Gets A Home Office Makeover

If you work from home, your home office is your main place of work and let’s be honest, a clean and efficient home office makes for a better work place. It’s not always easy, especially if you do a lot of research and tend to look over a lot of papers. Wired’s Steven Levy’s home office was out of control. He needed Unclutterer to give it a clean sweep.

Levy enjoys taking his research notes into other areas of his home. This means that not only does his home office have lot of paper piles, they started appearing all over the house. It was getting out of control. A few days were spent tidying up the place and setting up a filing system, which included replacing filing cabinets with filing carts from elfa (Mesh Filing Cart $99). This allows Levy to roll the files all over the house, without creating a mess.

A Dymo label maker was used to ID all of the power cords that are present in the home office. This means that whenever a device needs to be unplugged, no time is wasted trying to identify which one it is. Alternatively, you could write the name on a sticker and get the same result.

A cable management system was devised using simple Velcro ties from Belkin. This allowed the cables to be fastened to the legs of the desk. Storage bins from Rubbermaid allow you to keep the smaller items neatly organized.

All in all, it’s a very inspiring home office makeover that shows you that even writers sometimes need a hand to get a clean sweep and to get back to being efficient again.

[via Wired, top photo by Noah Sheldon]