Wishbone-esque Bar Stools

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We grew up with two Hans Wegner wishbone chairs in our front hallway. While they were rarely used, they were (and are) the embodiment of mid century Danish style that our family reveled in. We almost wet ourselves when we came across these bar stools ($345) the other day at Digs. These are more than an homage, (there is a regular chair with caning available that is a plain old knock off). But the bar stool is like nothing we’ve ever seen before and we say bravo! The lines of the wood are so beautiful and while Mr. Wegner might be furious, we are hoping that he is doing less rolling in his grave* and more kvelling. Come on people, these are hot!

* He’ll be doing no grave-rolling. He is alive and well. Sorry for the flub.