The $15 Amazon Find That Creates Extra Clothing Storage Out of Thin Air

published Sep 21, 2023
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I’ve discovered tons of smart storage or small-space-friendly products via social media and, of course, my job at Apartment Therapy, but one of my greatest IRL influences hits much closer to home — my cousin, Kate. She’s introduced me to my most prized bedding possession, Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Quilt, and, more recently, a sneaky coat-hanging hack I’d never seen before. After going over to her apartment with a few friends, Kate put away our jackets on a barely noticeable hanging arm attached to the top of a closet door, which took up zero floor space and freed up seating spots that might otherwise have turned into a coat pile. As someone without an entryway or coat rack of my own, I immediately texted her when I got home to ask where I could get this ingenious accessory ASAP, which turned out to be Amazon’s Wonder Hanger over-the-door racks.

What Are the Wonder Hanger Over-The-Door Hangers?

Available in sets of three or six, Wonder Hanger’s over-the-door hangers are small, 11.22-inch plastic rods with five built-in hanger grooves. Designed to create extra clothing storage, each one has an adjustable attachment (with a protective felt lining) that secures to most standard door frames. The extendable bar portion also folds up or down, so you can choose to angle it horizontally or flush against the door vertically. No matter the alignment, your clothing hangers will stay secure within the notches, which can fit up to ten pieces total, wrinkle-free. Basically, this small-space-friendly accessory turns any door frame into an instant external closet, and the white coloring feels fairly incognito when it’s not in use (I didn’t even notice my cousin’s until she extended it).

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

4.3/5 Stars

“These fit my interior and closet doors perfectly! They especially work well with wooden hangers ( but not tubular plastic)!!” —Lance

“These are perfect for us. We hang them up when we need to let laundry hang dry. Very easy to hang up or take down. Also, incredibly sturdy can hold more than I realized. I use two in my kitchen and one in my bedroom.” —Robyn

“I just received these and put them up in seconds. I am using them out on my patio to hang bird feeders in an area that the squirrels are unable to reach. The door to the patio closet is thicker than the indoor doors. These hangers fit both doors due to the included spacers that easily slide on and off. I am very pleased!” —Fay

“Handy, sturdy gadget. Doesn’t scrape up door, holds a few hangers. Good thing to have in your guest room.” —Orm

Beyond extra coat storage for guests, these work well for drying laundry — or even as bird feeders, which one Amazon user discovered! You can also pack one in a suitcase or carry-on, without taking up much room, for an on-the-go clothes hanger in hotels. However you use these, they’re damage-free and easy to install, just be mindful of overfilling them with too many heavy coats or clothes. Certain hanger styles also seem more compatible with this than others — according to a reviewer, wooden versions worked better than plastic. Interestingly enough, both the 3-pack and 6-pack are $19.99 regularly, but the former is now on sale for $14.99!

Buy: Wonder Hanger Over-The-Door Hangers, 3-Pack; $14.99 (normally $19.99)