Wood and Voice: New Clocks Try Different Things

Wood and Voice: New Clocks Try Different Things

Range Govindan
Nov 13, 2008

We all needs clocks. Clocks have existed for a long time and the basic technology hasn't changed that much. Sure, there are new clocks that use funky elements, like the Philips Wake-Up Light, but most of us still use normal clocks that jolt us awake with loud sounds. Like many people, we like controlling things and gadgets with simply using our voices, which is why we've found the Moshi IVR clock so interesting. It's almost out of science-fiction, but it's slowly becoming reality.

Triangular Wood Clock
This new wood clock looks like it's made out of a triangular hunk of wood. Once it's switched on, a bright red LED display is shown. It's hidden beneath a thin layer of wood veneer. This isn't the first wood LED clock we've seen, but it's the first in this shape which makes it easier to read standing up or sitting down. The clocks also display the temperature and date. They are available for $39 from Homeloo. [via TechnaBob]

Moshi Interactive Voice Clock
Supposedly, the Moshi IVR Clock is the first hands-free interactive alarm clock on the market. Basically, it's an alarm clock that you can control with your voice. Sounds simple enough. Voice controls enable you to set the time and adjust it. The clock is intended to save time. It can respond to 12 voice commands and the display can light up in three different colors. It kind of reminds of an Apple product. The face of the clock is definitely eye-catching, with its see-through digital dial. The IVR clock is available for $50 from the MoshiLifeStyle website. [via Ubergizmo]

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