These Wooden Record Dividers Let You Sort Your Collection By Feelings

published Mar 15, 2020
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Anyone who collects records has one main gripe about their collection, and it’s not that some of their LPs skip (that’s just part of their overall charm!). Records are notoriously hard to organize and store in a way where specific albums are easily found. The lack of spine and thin shape often leaves collectors sifting through their stash in search of the perfect LP. So, Kate Koeppel of Koeppel Design decided to do something about it, and her record dividers are the perfect storage solution for any record junkie.

Made by a team of “organization-obsessed craftswomen” based in San Francisco, California, Koeppel’s wood divider sets come in an array of different organization options. For example, if you like to sort your record based on genre, there’s a divider set for that. If you prefer an alphabetical organization system a la your favorite record store, there’s also a divider set for that. 

Koeppel even designed a divider set that will help you sort your collection by feelings.

Available for either vertical or horizontal storage, basic sets start at $70. Koeppel Designs also offers gift bundles and customization options so you can get your hands on personal or more specific dividers, either engraved or done in stencil. Customization is also available for 45s dividers—sets of custom 45s panels start at $53 for four.

To really amp up your record storage, you can also grab a “Now Spinning” LP Block, which lets you show off your favorite album covers as the record plays. These LP Blocks start at $79, and the “Now Spinning” label can either be stenciled or engraved.

A limited-edition gold version of the LP Block is headed to the site on March 26th.