Wordever: Pinterest for News and Current Events

Wordever: Pinterest for News and Current Events

Chris Perez
Oct 17, 2012

Everyone loves Pinterest. It's become a social hub where you can ogle over a seemingly endless array of images that stretch over and across the screen."Eek, I totally want that"... "Oooh, I'm going to make that!"..."Mmm, I should eat that.". But what about the latest news and current events? Is there a Pinterest for that? Meet Wordever, a new platform that does for news what Pinterest does for things you want to own...

Wordever, is one of those why-hasn't-anybody-thought-of-that-yet ideas. We love tools and resources that can stimulate us by providing lots of information quickly — Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few. Wordever does this very well too.

You clip news articles you like using a bookmark button just as you typically pin images you like on Pinterest. All sociability options to follow, like, reclip,and share to Facebook are also there to help spread the word on a particular article you read or liked.

You'll notice the layout is familiar, but with more emphasis on article titles (they're displayed before the images) and with longer text and excerpts that give insight into the article or piece of news. I've always stayed up on my current events by using Google Reader, following my favorite blogs and news sites and feeling obliged to read every single article...Wait! Ten more minutes...must get queue down to zero. This seems like a good way to scan through more information at once, and find articles we find most relevant.

Although, I like the concept there are a few things I wish Wordever did better. It'd be nice if was easier to find interesting people to follow, right now it just seems I get to choose and connect with my Facebook friends — none of which use the service yet. There's a "Popular" category tab, but having a "Recommended Follow" tab would help populate my screen with articles that fit my interests more quickly. Overall I wish things looked a little cleaner and more streamlined as well, perhaps color-coded categories and use of a cleaner font face would help here. I'm still giving this new service a shot, but the verdict is still out on whether this becomes a part of my morning routine in the same way Pinterest, Twitter and coffee have become.

Could this become your new favorite way to browse the news?

(Images: 1. Chris Perez 2. Wordever)

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