Work Begins at Ross & Amanda’s

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Up early. Already this morning we have visited with Amanda & Ross as Bill Skinner from Astech Closets saw their closet first hand and took measurements.

Did his head explode?

“This isn’t going to be bad at all,” he said. “I was worried when I read online that the closet was only 18″ deep, but luckily I am finding it closer to 22″ and I can get shelves and bars in here.”

As for Amanda & Ross, they were just as charming and funny as their writing, and we got a chance to snoop around their apartment, which is a beautiful, but tiny duplex on 10th street.

(We didn’t get a chance to see the upstairs, which is only a very small bedroom at the top of some very thin stairs – this building was not built following any recent building codes – as Ross was getting ready for work).

Bill Skinner is going to send us the design for this awkward closet later today and we’ll share it with you as the process unfolds. Installation is scheduled for next Tuesday. (Thanks, Amanda & Ross!) MGR