7 Work From Home Jobs That Can Elevate Your Career (and Make You Over $100K)

updated Mar 3, 2020
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It’s no secret that remote jobs can pay just as much as in-office opportunities, which makes the option to work in your PJs that much more desirable. But for those who looking beyond the paycheck (although there’s no denying that’s nice), there are also plenty of work from home jobs that allow you to elevate your career through leadership roles. 

From Director of Content Strategy who oversees the writing team and editorial calendar to Chief Financial Officer who tracks cash flow and financial planning, we’re talking executive-level roles that pay over $100,000 and also sound promising in the career development area. See below of the current remote opportunities you can apply to on FlexJobs, and here’s to being one step closer to striking the perfect work-life balance. 

Director of Content Strategy

If you’ve got seven years worth of experience in marketing, communications, or publishing, then you’re a qualifying candidate for this gig. In this role, you’ll be overseeing the content strategy and overseeing writers, running the implementation of processes, and serve as a mentor for other staff members.

Estimated Salary: $128K; Apply Now

Chief Financial Officer 

Requiring 10 years of relevant experience, the CFO opportunity will include responsibilities such as financial planning, tracking cash flow, providing solutions, and identifying financial strengths and weaknesses. Basically, this person manages the financial health of the company at large. 

Estimated Salary: $133K; Apply Now 

Vice President, Engineering

This executive-level opportunity is looking for more than a decade of experience. In this role, you’ll think big-picture strategy and oversee a team to get products completed for clients and stakeholders.

Estimated Salary: $168K; Apply Now

Chief Technology Officer

If you have 10-15 years of experience in and deep knowledge of working on technology solutions, you’re up for this role. The main responsibility is to lead and maintain a stable technological development for the company.

Estimated Salary: $160K; Apply Now 

Vice President, Business Development

In this position, you’ll be maintaining client relationships and overseeing a team to hit business goals. The main priority in this role will be creating and executing the strategy for the sales and marketing departments.

Estimated Salary: $134K; Apply Now

Chief Marketing Officer

The CMO oversees the marketing efforts and communicates this to the corporate and educational markets. The responsibilities include but aren’t limited to driving growth and revenue, build the brand and its following, and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Estimated Salary: $173K; Apply Now

Senior Vice President, Project Management

While the projects might vary, this person’s job is to oversee the production process and make sure assignments come to fruition stays consistent. The VP duties include but aren’t limited to prioritizing projects, communicating with key stakeholders, creating best practices, and strategizing at large.

Estimated Salary: $173K; Apply Now