Work Standing Up Without Buying a New Desk

Work Standing Up Without Buying a New Desk

Gregory Han
May 9, 2011

So the news about the benefits of working standing up have caught your serious attention? If you're handy and motivated, you can DIY your own standing desk; if you're well heeled, you can purchase a sweet automated adjustable model. But what if you love your existing desk, but want an accessory that allows you both the option to work standing up and also the ability to put it away after you're done? Cue in The Kangaroo.

Designed to work with an assortment of setups, the Ergo Desktop line of Kangaroo adjustable desktops are designed to sit onto of your existing surface, provide a vertical VESA compatible mount at adjustable eye-height, and also offer an elevated keyboard/mousing surface for an ideal work position while standing. Ranging in price between $359 for their "Wallaby" model, up to $599 for a dual monitor setup, these Ergo Desks can even accommodate a 27" iMac or laptop driven monitors.

We've yet to see/test one of these Kangaroo models in person, but they appear to offer an extremely sturdy and smooth adjustable height work area; the arm is made from high grade aluminum framing and HPL laminate surface. These setups seem like the best option for those looking to work standing up without purchasing or making their own full size standing desk workspace; we wouldn't call them "affordable" but considering their fairly decent looking design and sturdy manufacturing (2 year/limited lifetime warranty coverage), we'd call this the frontrunner solution for people with limited space and a moderate budget, but who want to take a serious step at working in a fully upright position.

More at Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Desks.

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