Keep Headphones Handy: Workerman MacHook

Keep Headphones Handy: Workerman MacHook

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 10, 2012

Product: Workerman MacHook
Price: $15
Rating: Recommend

To those who feel they're in a constant battle for the cleanliness of their desk: we understand. That's why we're always looking for cheap and aesthetic solutions to alleviate clutter problems, headphones being one of them. In comes the MacHook from Workerman — a simple, sexy hook that uses nano-suction technology to snap onto the side of your iMac.

First of all, talk about the perfect merger of tech and craft. Made from birch and sealed together in Workerman's studio in Minneapolis, this little guy screams 'tech-inspired woodwork'. Simply put, it's a well-constructed product that's illustrative of pure functionality at its best.

Okay, so I found a couple of small imperfections near the bottom of the MacHook I received, but I'm okay with that. Good intentions and signs of its hand-crafted-ness makes a product like this hard to dislike.

On to the fit. Here's where custom designs such as the MacHook show signs of weakness. Since it only comes in a single size that fits the newest Apple iMacs in sizes 21.5" and 27", any display outside of this guideline will not have that perfect, flush fit. But what about my Apple iMac 24" or Apple Cinema Displays? Sorry fella, better get an iMac.

Unfortunately, I didn't have either one of those Apple iMacs available in my office, but I gave it a shot on my 27" Apple Cinema anyway. The result was just as I expected... a slight gap to the right of the monitor due to the imperfect fit. This caused headphones to wobble quite a bit when hanging and thus made it undesirable as a long-term solution.

I did have a moment to try it out at a local Apple store (I didn't want to make it too obvious by whipping out the dSLR, so you'll have to trust me on this one). I found the MacHook did indeed fit perfectly on the Apple iMac 27", as advertised, and looked much sexier to boot.

This goes to show that you really should read the fine print when purchasing any type of product, but it's especially important when the product is constructed to fit two un-malleable materials. If I owned one or more of the iMacs recommended by Workerman, I'd likely be stocking up on quite a few of these for my office. If the MacHook happens to be compatible with your setup, I recommend picking one up to clear up some precious desk space.

Pros: Beautiful design, strong build, nanosuction doesn't leave residue on computer
Cons: Does not fit anything other than a 21.5" and 27" iMac

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(Images: Anthony Nguyen)

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