Working from Home: 5 Ways to Transition from Work Time to Home Time

published Mar 28, 2015
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The line between work hours and home time is starting to blur with the constant access that smartphones provide—and when your office is your home, it can be nearly impossible to make the distinction. I’ve worked from home at least part time for years and here are a few of the ways that I make the transition work.

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Have a ritual.

Whether it’s making yourself a cup of tea or turning on the evening news, having a consistent end-of-the-workday ritual is a great way to allow your mind to relax and unwind a bit.

Tidy up.

Clearing the decks, so to speak, and putting your work away is one of the best ways to put it aside mentally as well. If you have a designated room you can close the door to, great, otherwise just tidy up your workspace and put away what you can.

(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

Walk away.

When I am having a particularly tough time, the best thing I can do is to physically leave the space (ideally after doing no.2 on this list) and take a brief walk. When I come back I’m in a better state of mind to focus on being present with my loved ones and relax.

Set the mood.

Lighting a candle, turning on some music and trading in your task lighting for softer light sources can all go a long ways towards making your space feel homier.

Set boundaries.

Whether it’s as simple as always answering emails during regular work hours so your clients come to know that to expect, setting an away message or putting your devices into “do not disturb,” doing what you can to avoid the constant ping that draws you back in to work mode can make a huge difference.