Quick Tips for Working With Less Distractions

Quick Tips for Working With Less Distractions

Over the course of our graduate studies we have had to contend with a large number of distractions. To cope we developed a short list of things that help keep us on track. Below are our favorite tips for keeping ourselves on task with tech as our guide.

The cute cat would sure make it difficult for us to work, talk about a distraction.

  1. Create a to-do list or use strategically placed bins to help keep you from distraction. We are constantly nagged by our dry cleaning and can only remember to take it during our busy work times. This week we moved a bin in front of our shoe removal area to help remind us to take the cleaning when we were out on errands, not in the middle of an important simulation.

  2. If you are like us and struggle to write effectively when stressed and burnt out, try something like the full screen writing mode in iWork Pages. We have found that it helps to eliminate the temptation to check our bouncing icon dock or browser as often when we try to work.
  3. We wish we had thought of Taryn's door code but since we implemented it we have been able to work much more effectively. It helps connate to our friends and girlfriend that at time we just need to be left alone.

    That simple button has saved us countless hours of wasteful internet dallying.

  4. Finally the most important tip that we have found effective (your milage and word situation may not be conductive to this tip) is to just turn your internet off. When we are really strapped and cannot focus we have found that hitting the standby button on our router and temporarily shutting off our internet of can do wonders.

These are our quick tips that have helped us with our graduate word load. What ideas have you implemented to ease your problems with distraction in your home office.

(Top image: flickr member dougwoods licensed under Creative Commons)

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