The Cure: The Worksheet Collection is Up

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Welcome to the Apartment Therapy Worksheet collection, an online supplement to the Eight-Step Home Cure. Below you will find the three basic worksheets and the Official Outbox Sign that are used throughout the Cure.

The worksheets come in both PDF form (for printing) and as Excel worksheets (for use on your computer). It is recommended that the Shopping List be used in its Excel format as it is programmed to calculate all of your costs. As with all the worksheets, if you desire to make them bigger or smaller, this can be done by adjusting them first in Excel.

As with everything we create at Apartment Therapy, reader suggestions and improvements are appreciated. Let us know how it works for you by commenting on the Book Blog or sending us an email.

Best, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Repair Worksheet
    PDF (22k)
    Excel (16k)

Shopping List
    PDF (33k)
    Excel (20k)

Interior Design Worksheet
    PDF (22k)
    Excel (16k)

The Official Outbox Sign
    PDF (24k)
    Word (15k)