The World’s Biggest Bounce House Is Touring America Right Now

updated Feb 24, 2020
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Remember the thrill of bouncing in a bounce house as a kid? Well, like so many childhood experiences we’ve rebooted for our adulthood (Lisa Frank, Fuller House, the list goes on…), bounce houses you’re actually allowed in are also back, for better or for worse.

The Big Bounce America is like a traveling fair, where all the attractions are inflatable. It’s made up of four different sections: a space-themed structure, a sports arena, an obstacle course, and the world’s biggest bounce house, as certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

So what happens inside the biggest bounce house in the world? Here’s how the website describes it:

“Inside the bounce house we have inflatable activities and challenges (basketball hoops, obstacle runs etc), inflatable chill out areas (big boats, oversized sofas, palm trees etc), inflatable animals and characters for you to grab a photo with, slides, ball pits and all manner of awesome entertainment.”

Both kids and adults are allowed in all the structures. Bounce sessions are dedicated to various age groups (so if you bring your kids, you don’t have to worry about them being trampled by adults so nostalgic they’ve forgotten their adult size). 

Three-hour all-access tickets range from $17 for toddlers to $35 for teens and adults aged 16 and older. You can buy them here. Spectators who don’t want to bounce, whether they’re accompanying kids, or are just curious to see what an inflatable fair looks like, can get into the grounds for free.

The Big Bounce America tour began this week and so far has dates through July 2020. Current locations include Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, and New York. However, there will be dates added this year for Arizona, Idaho, DC, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minniesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.