These Are the World’s 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in

published Nov 27, 2017
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Have you ever thought about just up and moving to a new city halfway across the globe? If you’re not just fantasizing and you’re really considering a major move, you may want to consider which cities have a super high cost of living first.

Each year, The Economist releases their Worldwide Cost of Living Report which determines the most—and least—expensive cities around the globe. This year, the report ranked the most expensive city as Singapore. On the other end of the spectrum is the least expensive city — Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Only one city from the US makes the top 10… and as you’ve probably already guessed, that city is New York, of course (it’s tied for number 10 with Copenhagen).

Here’s the full list:

The 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

1. Singapore
2. Hong Kong
3. Zurich
4. Tokyo
5. Osaka
6. Seoul
7/8. Tie: Geneva / Paris
9/10. Tie: New York / Copenhagen

These cities probably don’t come as much of a surprise, given that they’re all also major destinations for travelers and tourists.

In the chart above, you can see how bread, wine, cigarette and gas prices stack up in the 10 most expensive cities—not just where they are currently, but where they were last year and what they’re likely to be 5 and 10 years down the road.

The report also shows which cities are becoming more or less expensive and have moved up or down in ranking since last year, which you can see in the chart below:

You can download the report at The Economist.