Worm Composting Club: Deal With The 'Ick' and Have a Party!

Worm Composting Club: Deal With The 'Ick' and Have a Party!

Kathryn Wright
Jun 18, 2010

For three years we have been worm composting in a small bin on the balcony. There's no denying that it's icky, but it is incredibly rewarding and a relatively easy green living practice. A big reason we've had such success is that we started a worm composting club, so when it comes time to reap the benefits of composting (rich black soil and moral support) we have a composting party and get dirty!

If you already have a worm composter or are considering getting one this is something that has really worked for us. Starting with just one bin, we have slowly developed a community of composters.

Let's face it: we're talking about rotting food, creepy crawlies, and worm excrement. It may be difficult to bring yourself to get in there, and it seems that some people have a hard time staying the course and keeping it going, but it can be very rewarding once you have some friends join in and make it a party.

Our group gets together once or twice per year for the soil harvest. It's a fun-filled afternoon where we get to put our hands in the soil and get dirty. We share things that we have learned i.e. worms need egg shells and avocado shells to reproduce; we share compost products such as egg shells that are shared with vegans in the group; and we share the compost and redistribute the worms. Everyone pitches in and the project gets done very quickly. We all go home with a clean bin and amazing soil for the garden.

We also open the door to anyone who might want to join in, they are able to learn the process and go home with their own worms and a support network to help make it a success. This has become a fun project instead of a messy chore and that really makes all the difference. We love getting emails, photos, tips, and general updates on worm composting from each other, and it's great that we're all working together to find a meaningful use for waste and keeping it out of the landfill.

Start yours today, you won't be sorry!

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(Image: Sarah Cavanaugh)

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