7 Things Home Experts Say Are Always Worth the Extra Money for Your Closet

published Aug 6, 2020
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Closets are often the spaces that compete for attention during a home renovation. If you thought simply clearing out old clothes was enough to do the trick, think again. There are plenty of ways to give your closet a much-needed makeover. Since you’re spending more time at home lately, making your closet aesthetically appealing surely counts as a form of self-care—opening the door to pretty space just for you can go a long way.

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a teensy one, home experts have shared staple pieces worth spending money on during your upgrade.

A light source

The simple reason light is essential in your closet? You want to see your stuff, of course. Designer Seana Freeman says there are several ways to remedy not having wired lighting. 

“You can add some type of hanging lantern or you can position a floor lamp in a space that’s outside the closet that you could easily adjust,” she says. And if you have a walk-in with high enough ceilings, adding a delicate chandelier can make the space feel luxurious.


One trend stagers use in laundry rooms is adding wallpaper to brighten a mundane corner of the house. Home blogger Tiffany Brown says the same trend applies to closets. “When you open that door you see something fun—a mood lifter,” she says. According to Brown, every room should have something whimsical in it, so why stop at the closet? 

New doors or handles

Spice up your closet doors by painting or replacing the handles with more stylish ones. Modern knobs from Pottery Barn or West Elm are worth splurging on since the items are so small and you’ll only need a couple. 

Freeman says replacing folding doors with double or french doors can up your game entirely. “The closet from the outside actually becomes an architectural feature,” she explains.

A step stool or ottoman

A vintage step stool or a plush ottoman does double duty: it’s helpful for reaching high spots and it’s arguably the most delicate way to soften a closet and make it your own. 

“Having something that is not only useful but attractive brings a little light to your day,” Freeman says. If that metallic or pastel-colored step stool from Etsy has been in your cart for a week, this is your sign to buy it.

A sturdier hanging bar or two

If your closet comes with a flimsy tension rod, none at all, or in the case of my freshman undergrad dorm, a pipe in lieu of a bar (which definitely is not to code!), it’s worth investing in a sturdy one. Home and lifestyle blogger Portia Smith says if your ceilings are high, purchasing more hanging rods is worth it. “If you have an upper level rod and a lower level one, it helps to use all the space,” she says.

A shelving system

Floor-to-ceiling shelving in a walk-in closet is probably featured on many a Pinterest boards. But if your closet is on the smaller side, closet grids are a space-saving supplement. Easy to find on IKEA and Amazon, closet grid sets are perfect for organizing, while also creating a minimalist look. 

However, one size does not fit all. “Whether you’re using shelving or those prepackaged closet systems, give yourself space to grow,” Smith says. Implement a shelving plan that leaves room for extra storage space.  

Fragrance diffusers 

Freeman says lavender sachets, deodorizers, or scented shelf liners are crucial to revamping your closet. “They add to that feeling of going into a little glam room, but they also make clothes smell good,” she says.