Worth Upgrading From Studio To One Bedroom?

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Q: I have been living in a small 300 sq.ft. studio apartment for the last five years in the West Village in New York. I have a pretty sweet deal on my rent (the studio is actually really great for the rent) and I love the neighborhood I live in–but I still crave more space. As you can imagine, everything is really tight in the studio. The size makes it hard to have more than one friend over, and having my bed so in my face all the time is kind of annoying. I am also 27, and am also dreaming of living in an apartment that feels like a real home, vs more dorm room.

I know, however, that if I move to a one bedroom, I will have to probably come close to doubling my rent. I can afford it, but am not sure if it is worth it in value. Could you please ask your readers, those who have upgraded from a studio to a one bed-room, if the extra space is worth it? (Also, please readers, I am not that interested in space maximizing tips–as I think I have exhausted them, except for getting a Murphy bed).

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